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Who I Am

Hello! My name is Tristan Thomas Fuller. Ever since I was a child, I have had a love affair with anything to do with tattoos. My earliest memories as a child include living on property that butted up against a bikers' clubhouse... the bikers would see me playing in the yard and ride their Harleys through my yard, popping wheelies, covered in tattoos. I knew from that moment that I wanted to be tattooed... it was not until many years later that my life's journey brought me to take those first frightening steps towards becoming a tattoo artist. Learn More

What I Do

I provide all aspects of professional tattooing, in all styles, with the goal of providing each and every client with an original piece of artwork that is THEIRS AND THEIRS ALONE... a synthesis of their idea, my technical and artistic knowledge, and the great energy that comes with someone sitting down to have me create their artwork on them without really knowing exactly what it will look like when finished... the positive energy that comes only from BLIND FAITH in me as an artist. I run my street shop in Quincy, CA and also do regular guest spots at various shops in the United States as well as overseas, and tattoo at professional conventions a few times throughout the year. Learn more